Wednesday, May 28, 2008

True Story. Sad, but with a Happy Ending.

(My story starts with the Sad part)

Mothers Day weekend was a first milestone of sorts for my family. It was our first Mothers Day with the conspicuous absence of baby Julia. Fortunately it was the first really nice weather since the ending of this long, cold, brutal winter we have just come through. The family gathered to share food, sit on the porch, and walk around the yard checking on the flowers that we hope will be in full bloom when we hold Julia's memorial service at my home in July. Julia's parents gave me a copy of the sermon that the pastor plans to read - they wanted me to look at it and let them know what I thought. But I just couldn't look at it on that weekend. I just wanted to sit in the sun for a bit with my eyes closed....

(It gets a bit worse before it gets better, sorry.)

And then Monday came, as it always does, and back to my working week - a world that is quite removed from my personal life. I found that everyone in the office was especially upbeat on Monday morning. Talking, laughing, chatting all over the place. A really festive atmosphere at times, with people talking about the weekend with its great weather and all the lovely Mothers Day gatherings. I couldn't face it. I looked out my office window and saw clouds come rolling in, and they perfectly reflected my mood - dark, unsettled, and sad. A really crappy start to the day, and to the week.

(I promise you, the Happy Ending is coming.)

I went home and settled on the couch and worked on some craft projects and watched some tv but couldn't think of anything that might lift my spirits. I truly felt awful. My husband David was home and doing things outside. The sky was full of dark grey clouds. I felt that I didn't even have the energy to cry. My heart was in pain.

(Here it comes.)

David came to the door with a sort of excited look in his eyes. "Come out here!" he said "You have to see this!" I sighed and got off the couch and stepped outdoors with him. "Look, right there, have you ever seen anything like it?" he asked, pointing to the sky. I looked.

This is what we saw:


  1. what beautiful rainbows. I have never seen anything like that. I saw your blog info on craftster and wanted to check it out. I remember seeing your bookmarks posted there and thought they were wonderful. It is a wonderful way to spread happiness around. My craftster user name is Lindyv321 maybe we can chat there.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss.
    It says a lot about you that you wanted to comfort me in my grief when you are experiencing your own.
    And as bad as the loss of a husband is...and it's pretty bad...losing a child( or grandchild) must be far, far worse.

  3. Sorry...I am MrsMaier on craftster.