Friday, January 9, 2009

This is the view from my desk at work. I would look up throughout the day and see the pictures of the kids and grandkids on top of my shelf. Julia's picture was closest to the window. After looking at the pictures, hers last, my eyes would wander over to the window.


Then I would look out the window, see who might be walking by (or not), then wander my gaze up the wall of the building across the street and check out the windows of the shops and the upstairs apartments. One day, something caught my eye in a window on the third floor.

That's right - Butterflies! I can't describe how it lifted my heart and spirit to see the butterflies in the window. How interesting that they are positioned to be viewed from the outside. Way up there on the third floor. Pretty much inaccesible to anyone except me, at my desk, in my office, directly across the street... What are the odds? I don't really care. Another random event that only proves that random events happen? Maybe. All that mattered to me, was that they were there and I could look at them numerous times a day, all summer long and into the fall until the windows were all shut. I will take whatever joy I can find from any source. I can find joy and comfort in random things. Random things can cause such destruction, and I have no control over that, so I have no desire to try and control, explain, or define random things that uplift. I'll just take it for what it is.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog today and was in awe of your beautiful art work. Lovely designs. You have a good eye for colors and shapes. And I love the butterflies pictures. Cute blog.

  2. Just ran across your blog, and I am in love with your beautiful use of color for everything! I am a color addict and your bookmarks and paintings are brilliant - so energetic and alive! And I, too, love butterflies. Your blog is great.